Building Information Modeling
(BIM) Services

Better Visualizations.
Better Planning.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows contractors to create richly-detailed 3D visualizations of projects before work begins. BIM is a valuable addition for managing larger projects, providing insight into design planning, cost-saving opportunities, and potential sustainability improvements before work begins.

Did you know that around 30% of work performed by construction companies is actually rework due to poor planning? Backed by industry-leading experience, Paryani Construction solves this challenge with detailed BIM services for clients seeking a premier development experience.

Reduce Risk and Improve Project ROI

AutoCad and Navisworks platforms empower construction teams across all aspects of construction planning. By leveraging our experience and technical knowledge, we’re able to provide accurate, holistic planning that sets our clients up for success.

Relevant Projects

All projects under our supervision are built with industry-leading software and processes, including BIM. These rich visualizations are an indispensable part of our preconstruction planning. View some of examples of past work here.