Sustainability & Green Initiatives

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Green Construction.

Sustainability across all building practices is a top priority for Paryani Construction. The U.S. Green Building Council reports that 39% of all CO2 emissions are derived from the building sector alone. As builders, we feel a strong sense of responsibility in implementing green practices to move clients towards a more sustainable future.

We’re dedicated to sustainability across all projects regardless of construction requirements or accreditations. Our process helps property owners make green practices a priority and demonstrate their commitment to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Why Choose Paryani as Your Green Building Advisor?

We can help your organization achieve sustainability accreditations across LEED, zero carbon, or zero energy. Paryani helps minimize the administrative overhead of certification and integrates cutting-edge green technologies that keep facility operating costs low.

Green Certifications
Get help achieving your organization’s sustainability goals across the industry’s top certification programs.
Efficient Technology
Improve building efficiency with green technologies for lighting, HVAC, water management, and more.
Reduced Waste
Feel confident that your builders minimize resource waste through recycled materials, sustainable mixes, and proper waste management practices.
Clean Construction
Access state-of-the-art building methodologies that support clean construction across building materials, emissions, and waste.
Peace of Mind
Know that your building construction was handled with sustainable values in mind, from preconstruction planning to ongoing management.

Relevant Projects

Sustainability is one of our core values, and we practice what we preach. View our past projects and see how we were able to outfit these builds with clean, sustainable technologies that both reduce waste and support the client’s ongoing green construction initiatives.