Construction Types

Paryani’s Construction Contracts

Paryani Construction offers a variety of construction contracts to suit our clients’ diverse needs. Choosing the right delivery method is a critical construction management decision that ensures your project isn’t affected by unnecessary risks or unexpected costs.

We’ll help you select the right contract type for your project by performing a detailed assessment of your project’s needs, constraints, and desired outcomes. From there, we apply our proprietary construction methodology and rigorous quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) processes to ensure all deliverables meet your standards.

Contracts represent a premium experience for clients by offering all-in-one services and project management. Under design-build, Paryani Construction will not only perform all construction work, but source experienced architects, engineers, and commissioning agents to fulfill all project needs.
Construction Management at Risk
Contracts are ideal for clients who want visibility into project management while entrusting the majority of decisions to an experienced construction manager. This delivery method allows managers to get involved from the earliest design stages, which limits change orders and guarantees predictable pricing.
Cost Plus Fee
Contracts are an alternative to fixed price arrangements that offer more flexibility in project pricing. Under cost-plus fee, owners work with contractors to share project expenses and provide reimbursements on a fixed basis, a method that allows owners to guarantee high-quality work when projects scopes can’t be properly estimated.
Lump Sum
Contracts are best for projects with a clearly defined scope of work, providing clients with a simple, concrete price from project inception. With lump sum contracts, owners never need to worry about fluctuations in material costs or unexpected labor needs – everything is accounted for from the outset of the project.

Construction Methods

Whether it be steel, concrete, masonry, or wood, Paryani can help design the perfect construction methodology for your project. Our material selection process balances costs and aesthetics with longevity, prioritizing sustainable construction methods (like glulam) as an alternative to conventional materials. After ensuring that all materials meet our strict quality control standards, we leverage off-site fabrication to produce faster lead times, predictable costs, and a reduced construction cycle time.

Why Choose Design-Build Construction Delivery Methods?

Design-build offers a unified approach that supports faster planning, quicker build times, and improved efficiency for all aspects of construction. It’s a holistic arrangement for clients seeking a truly hands-off construction delivery method.

Cost Savings
Unified workflows improve efficiency and help reduce administrative waste throughout each construction phase.
Lower Risk
Design-build contracts remove liability from owners and allow construction partners to assume most of the risk.
Easier Project Management
Get accurate budgeting and cost analyses before work begins.
Faster Delivery
With our CM at Risk contracts, clients benefit from a unified flow of work and gain a single point of contact to speed up communication and improve collaboration.
Exceptional Quality
Whether it be steel or lumber, allow Paryani to maintain oversight and provide exceptional work quality across all construction phases.

Our Latest Projects

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